About MAR

MAR and its music make their way into the current market, with modern Latin rhythms, full of vitality and with a unique essence.

She was born in the United States but proud of her Latin roots, Cuban on her mother’s side and Mexican on her father’s side. The stage and music is a very natural place for MAR because she grew up in an artistic home, since she was little she developed her talent and dedicated herself to taking piano and singing classes and also revealing  her heart with compositions.

In 2022 she made her professional debut and did so with songs of her composition that earned her the first places of popularity on the radio and in the world of streaming. Her talent has allowed herto set foot on important stages on the American continent, from Canada to Argentina, passing through Europe. Since 2023 she has been a guest artist of the Mexican singer Gloria Trevi.

Mar deeply honors her multidimensional essence & the beauty of storytelling, promising to honor & conquer the most demanding public with love and passion as her guiding compass

MAR closed the year 2023 with a flourish as a guest artist in Telemundo’s new special of the year. She participated in 40 events throughout the year in Mexico, Central America and South America, sharing the stage with great artists such as: Marco Antonio Solís, Gloria Trevi, Manuel Turizo and Camilo.

“Inspiring Artist of the Year”

Presenter at LATIN AMAs.

1st EP in English

Premiere on all platforms

Presenter of the Latin Grammy 2022

Guest artist at Person of the Year 2022.

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